Naomi Osaka should be the name on everyone's lips this week. She is the first Japanese citizen to win a Grand Slam singles tournament. She is just 20 years old and she beat superstar Serena Williams.

That's a big deal — a really big deal.

But instead of revelling in the admiration of the crowd, she stood with her head down while all eyes were on Williams as she had a tantrum on court, yelling and screaming and throwing around accusations.

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It was awful, and while I know tension and emotions run high in games at this level, there really is no excuse for her behaviour.

Pulling out the feminism card was the last straw. She just dug a deeper hole for herself. I wonder how she felt the next day watching a reply.

There has been a lot of talk about how badly referees and umpires are treated — in all codes.

We have all heard the stories of bystanders hurling abuse at referees and even pushing and shoving them.

Not a good way for any sports person, professional or otherwise, to act.

It's really sad that in years to come when people talk about the Women's US Open won by Osaka it will more than likely be remembered for the actions of the loser rather than the winner.

Some people are blaming chair umpire Carlos Ramos for "unfair calls".

That may be true. Like plenty of others out there I only saw the tantrum, I didn't see what went on before and it may be that his calls were unfair.


However, the way Williams handled it was just way over the top.

Do you think Osaka would have handled what she thought was a wrong call against her in the same way? I doubt it.

I've always really liked Williams. She's a strong athlete who works hard, sets her sights high and she's not afraid to speak her mind.

However there is a difference between speaking your mind and throwing your toys. She should have stopped after the initial outburst and no one would have thought any the worse of her.

After all, she's not the first tennis player to throw their racket and their voice around. The fact that she went on and on and started throwing around accusations while the match winner stood in the background was just too much.

It's a shame really that the naughty person always gets more attention than the person behaving themselves. Happens at schools all the time. The disruptive children get the attention because they need to be dealt with while the quiet ones carry on in the background.

It will be interesting to see where this goes.