A Hawke's Bay daycare centre worker who tested positive for Covid-19 will not have passed the virus on to children, the DHB says.

A team member at Active Explorers Greenmeadows in Napier has tested positive for coronavirus after coming in close contact with an infected family member.

On April 2, an email was sent to the parents of children who attend the daycare on Kennedy Rd by Evolve Education Group, who own more than 120 centres across New Zealand.

Hawke's Bay area manager Joanne Hayes said in the email that the risk of further infection was "very low", according to advice from the Covid-19 Healthline, as the staff member last worked at the centre before becoming infectious.


However, Medical Officer of Health Dr Rachel Eyre said the case had been thoroughly investigated and there was no risk to any person at the childhood centre from this person.

Eyre said people could be certain they would not have been exposed to the virus from this case.

"We have tracked and investigated this case thoroughly. We know where the person has been and what that person did for a number of days prior to having any symptoms and during their infectious period and we are completely confident that there is no wider risk to anyone else from this case."

A mother, who did not want to be named, had earlier told Hawke's Bay Today, "it would have been reassuring to know a bit more in terms of timelines and how close in contact our child may have been with the person".

"I had already been debating whether or not to send my child to daycare prior to lockdown and reluctantly I did, as I work fulltime," she said.

"You can imagine how guilty I felt as a mother when this letter had come through."

Eyre said other business and organisations who have had a staff member test positive to Covid-19 should take advice from public health officials, who will have investigated every case.

"The job of the team is to assess every risk and make sure no stone is left unturned in following up Covid-19 contacts. We have a duty to do that and will make sure that information is transparent and clear when there is any wider risk to anyone."

An Early Childhood Council spokeswoman said following government advice and continuing the hygiene guidelines are essential.

"Essentially, our message is to follow official advice," she said.

"Before the lockdown, we strongly recommended all children and staff stay home if they weren't feeling well, washed hands regularly and regularly cleaned surfaces with chlorine-based cleaning agents.


"We support everything the Government is doing to stop the spread of Covid-19."