There are no new cases of coronavirus in Hawke's Bay, but there are 76 new confirmed cases of the viral illness nationwide.

But Hawke's Bay Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group Controller Ian Macdonald wants people to still keep the lockdown rules.

"Obviously this is completely different to any situation we've been in before. Hopefully it won't ever be repeated, but it will be over more quickly if we stick with the lockdown. Stay home, support each other, use common sense... and wash your hands."

Macdonald said there had been reports of people going swimming, surfing, fishing, using public reserves and trails for exercise – and he urged restraint.


"People may think they are still doing the right thing, exercising out in the open air," he said.

"Exercise is fine and good, but we need to moderate and adapt how we exercise to reflect the aim of the lockdown, which is to isolate from each other. Activities such as driving to reserves and beaches for an outing are not appropriate forms of exercise in a lockdown."

"Public services such as supermarkets and service stations are open, but we should restrict our movements. This means how often we use them and who we interact with while we are there. Catching up with neighbours and friends at the supermarket is not appropriate.

"Only drive to your closest supermarket, petrol station or pharmacy."

Macdonald said people needed to make lockdown thinking a part of everyday life.

"Of course this is unusual, but everyone is in the same position. It's early days and your continued support of the lockdown will save lives further down the track, and reduce the length of the lockdown.

"Police are ramping up their enforcement of the lockdown so if you're out driving unnecessarily, expect to be stopped."

Being in lockdown can bring on anxiety, loneliness or fear. If you need to talk, freephone or text 1737.


Go to for more information. The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website