Flaxmere resident organises food parcels for those in isolation

On Saturday March 21 the Prime Minister announced a Covid-19 alert level system meaning those over 70 and immunocompromised should self-isolate. The next day Lynsey Abbott was delivering those affected food parcels.

When the level two Covid-19 alert system was announced on Saturday, Flaxmere resident and founder of One Voice Community Services Lynsey Abbott wanted to help those who are having to isolate.

Along with five volunteers from her community, Abbott has started organising food parcels.


The day following the announcement the volunteers headed to Swansea Village in Flaxmere to hand out food parcels to the residents who live there.

"It is so needed, and we have to be able to protect our most vulnerable," she said.

The parcels were left at the door with physical distancing between volunteers and residents strictly in place.

Parcels contain sanitary items, toiletries, bread, sugar, coffee, tea, biscuits, crackers, pasta, rice, tuna and other items.

"A little bit of everything," Abbott said.

This week Abbott is putting more organisation into the food parcel delivery finding people who need it, and organising masks, sanitiser and gloves.

She also plans to find a way that volunteers can be identified as food parcel volunteers as she has concerns about scams coming up targeting the elderly.

She plans on continuing the food parcels once a week with the help of volunteers for as long as people are isolated for.


The food or donations for food is given to Abbott.