It was while watching the news that Havelock North Intermediate student Katie Mathieson learned about the fires in the Amazon.

"I wanted to do something about it," Katie said.

She emailed her principal, Julia Beaumont, and the two had a chat about what the school could do.

The plan is for up to 150 students to march into Havelock North Village on Friday, September 27, taking 500 kowhai seeds to hand out to residents, encouraging them to plant a tree in their garden.


"We're trying to encourage everyone in Havelock North to plant a kowhai tree, to make up for the losses in the Amazon."

Another student, Kiana Snow-Moeke, said they would be easy to spot in the village, as they would all be carrying signs.

WhenKatie's class, room 4, were asked who was marching to the village, almost every student raised their hands.

"I think it's a really big thing because the Amazon supplies most of the world's oxygen," one student, Lachie Leitch said.

Another student, Harry Ede, said the trees were here before humans.

'We've just come and destroyed them so we need to make up for the things we've ruined."

Hrithik Hira said climate change is a big issue, and it is being made worse by destroying the trees.

"It's our main protest to stop climate change, as it is a big issue now."


The students said they were excited to participate with students from across New Zealand, who will be striking on Friday.

Principal Julia Beaumont said when Katie first came to her the plan was to just protest, but Beaumont said they had wanted to take positive action, which is where the idea of planting kowhai seeds came from.

She said some of the children feel very worried about climate change and this was about giving kids a voice, and the opportunity to participate in the solution.

"It is scary, there is a lot of anxiety going around."

However, she said the school wanted to be able to help students see there is hope.

She expects around 75-100 students will participate.

The students will be in the village between 9.15-10.30.

Students from across the country will be protesting on Friday, the third climate strike organised by Schools Strike 4 Climate NZ.

National co-ordinator Sophie Handford said politicians needed to take meaningful and immediate action that safeguards our futures on the planet.

"Nothing else will matter if we cannot look after the Earth for current and future generations."