A man appearing in Dannevirke District Court was told he was facing a jail sentence for what the judge described as an act of extreme violence against his partner.

Judge Jim Large was sentencing Logas Te Manaaki Teiwimate on charges of assault and contravening a protection order.

Counsel Nigel Hewat said Teiwimate had been on bail for seven months without breaching his bail conditions.

"With Teiwimate's background this is commendable."


The court was told Teiwimate had three previous charges of family violence against his partner, two from June 2016 and one from March 2018. The latest charge was from July 7 2018.

Hewat said Teiwimate's partner was in court to support him.

In answer to a question from the judge Teiwimate said under his bail conditions he and his partner were allowed to see each other, but were not allowed to live together.

Hewat said Teiwimate had difficulties with alcohol but had been some nine months without drinking.

In outlining the charges Judge Large said Teiwimate faced charges of assault with intent to injure and one of breach of a protection order.

"The victim in both cases was your partner of six or seven years with whom you have a child."

Reading from the summary of facts Judge Large said Teiwimate had arrived home from work on July 7, 2018. He had been drinking and was angry to find his partner in bed with their child.

"You began punching and kicking her and dragged her by her hair into another room while she was holding your child. The victim attempted to leave but you pulled her back and began punching her in the head. You started to throw things around the room and the victim fled the house."

Judge Large said the victim suffered swelling and bruising to her head and forehead, grazes on her arms and legs and severe pain in her ribs. She was taken to hospital for treatment.

"This was a serious assault with a child present. You not only punched the victim while she was holding the child but you kicked her.

"Your child will be affected by how you behave and how her mother behaved. I am obliged to impose a sentence that denounces your conduct."

Judge Large said the starting point must be imprisonment.

"You need to hear these things, you may not be comfortable, but you need to hear them. It was extreme violence. You were hitting her in the head while she was holding your child. And it was a breach of trust on a person who was in a less powerful position than you. "

Teiwimate said to the judge he never intended to hurt the victim.

"That is what you tell me now, but you have got to deal with the events of the past," Judge Large told Teiwimate.

"You have a history of violence against your partner and that's an aggravating factor."

He said the starting point was 16 months' prison, but he would reduce the sentence for pleading guilty.

"As no further offending has occurred it indicates you have changed your behaviour so that is another point in your favour," Judge Large told Teiwimate.

"So that brings me to a sentence of 10 months' prison. By definition that is a short-term sentence, being less than two years, so I am obliged to look at a sentence of home detention. I will substitute 10 months' prison with five months' home detention."

Teiwimate was ordered to attend appropriate family violence programmes, drug and alcohol programmes and any other programmes and treatments as required by the Probation Service.

On the charge of breach of a protection order Teiwimate was sentenced to five months' home detention, to be served concurrently.