A pipe owned by Pan Pac has been successfully repaired after leaking into the sea for more than half a year.

There have been three failed attempts at fixing the pipe, which has been leaking treated discharge into Whirinaki Beach since September last year.

In a letter to residents, managing director of Pan Pac Doug Ducker said a polyethylene pipe with 30mm walls had been pulled through the original pipe and connected to an extension which was attached in 2017.

"While the new segment is currently performing well, we are operating with a constrained outflow given reduced production levels and as a precaution until testing in completed."


The pipe will then be operated at a higher capacity as testing is done to ensure the repairs have been effective.

Residents can expect a continued presence at the beach as the temporary jetty is dismantled, and the beach rehabilitated, the letter states.

The leak was occurring 70m off the beach, as opposed to the usual 2.4km where the pipe usually discharges to.