Buying togs once you're over the bikini wearing age and stage, is just not fun.

However there are some times in your life when you have to keep your big girl pants on (that's a public service joke, remember to always wear underwear when trying on togs) and buy some new swimwear.

One of those occasions was the Saturday just been when my co-host Adam and I had a family day with some listeners at Splash Planet.

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Now no one should be subjected to my current swimwear, least of all half of Hawke's Bay.

My togs were too small in length, so rode up in all the places they shouldn't and didn't contain the chest area as well as they could, despite lengthening the shoulder straps until they could lengthen no more.

These were togs that you could get away with if the only job you were going to do in your togs was sit on a pool lounger sipping a pina colada.

These were not togs fit for a woman with two small boys that required bending, lifting, swimming, hydro sliding, flying foxing and go-karting.

So my only option was to purchase more. My first stop was online. Why I thought that was a good idea I'll never know, but when you get a text from EziBuy saying there is 30 per cent off everything you don't question it, you just start shopping.

The said togs arrived in time but that's about all they did. To be on the safe side, I went up a size, the top ended up being too big and the bottom (unlike my own) was too small, this wasn't going to work at all.

After the show I made a quick trip to my local Farmers to try on a pair in real life and I must admit they had a fantastic range of togs.

So I purchased another pair which looked much better hanging up than they did on me, but I also went with a pair of swimming shorts to lessen the shock for onlookers.


As it stands for those counting, I have now bought four separate items of swimwear to wear for one day at Splash Planet.

How did it go you ask? Great actually. Ben came with me so I made him do all of the action stuff in the water and I didn't have to even get into my togs!

So I've spent a lot of money on stuff I'll never wear. Story of my life. Why should togs be any different.

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