A car hurtled through a Hastings gym this morning.

Police said they had been told a couple were fighting in the car and a woman tried to drive off, but crashed into Snap Fitness gym.

The spokesperson said police were called to the St Aubyn St East gym at 11.20am.

A car smashed into the gym's frontage
A car smashed into the gym's frontage

Reva Ngapoe, who works at By The Lights Cafe said she saw a man screaming at a woman before suddenly hearing "a huge bang".


"The guy was yelling at the woman to get out. She got out and punched him in the face and then hopped back in the car and put her foot on the accelerator like she was ready to go".

It's understood the car crashed a few seconds later.

She said another man started yelling to leave the woman alone but by the time he was near them, she had already taken off.

"Luckily she didn't hit anyone on the road."

Ngapoe believes the man was hanging out of the car door with his hand on the steering wheel as the woman accelerated.

"He must have jumped out of the car before it hit the gym.

Another witness said she believed a woman on a treadmill was injured.