A proposed new name for the Napier Conference Centre has been welcomed by those who spoke out against the removal of the War Memorial commemorative items.

Earlier this week a Napier City Council committee meeting recommended "Napier War Memorial Centre" be reinstated as the building's name.

The proposed name was "War Memorial Napier Conference Centre", but there were public appeals to drop "conference" so it wasn't seen as equal to the "memorial" element.

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New name "Napier War Memorial Centre" proposed


The 1956 War Memorial Hall's original architect, Guy Natusch, had proposed the name "War Memorial Centre" with "community events and conferences" written below it on the building.

He said he could not support the council options put forward, as the original funding required the hall to be used for non-profit, community functions - not commercial use such as renting it out for conferences.

Vocal memorial advocate Alan Rhodes had championed the "Napier War Memorial Centre" title, as he felt there had not been adequate consultation on the names put forward by council.

"We're still battling the clearest case of unvarnished betrayal to memory and people that it would be possible to find.

"This fight has moved far beyond correcting a grievous error of judgment to a struggle against continuing, wilful deceit, and a blind determination to resist putting it right in an honest way that acknowledges a community's pain."

Napier MP Stuart Nash, whose grandfather's name is on the roll of honour, and great-grandfather Sir Walter Nash started the building's fundraising, said he backed Mr Natusch's proposal as he felt "conference centre" should be included somehow.

He felt those commemorated in the memorial were progressive people, and while money was raised for it to be used as a community centre, "that should not hold us back from using it to further economic development in Napier".

'We are a city that needs to attract more people that will spend a lot more money in our local economy, and one of the ways we can do this is attract conferences to Napier. Being explicit about it being a conference centre, there's nothing wrong with that."

Mei Whaitiri, who spoke out in the name of her late husband, Wiremu (Bill) Whaitiri, who fought in Korea, said she would be pleased if the "full and glorious name" was returned.

"There was quite a lot of sadness they had removed the War Memorial name from the rebuild," the Pania of the Reef model, and mother of Ikaroa Rawhiti MP Meka Whaitiri said.

"If they're not remembered for what they've done for this country, there's something wrong there. I'll always be behind having the name returned."

Napier resident Ronda Chrystal welcomed the proposed new name as another step closer to fixing the mistakes made.

After the decision, she had gone to her grandfather's grave to tell him - Ron Spriggs was Napier's mayor when the memorial was built. As Napier's oldest war veteran he also lit the eternal flame in 1995 when the centre was reopened.

"It's been a long time coming," she said. "People are so happy to have been listened to. I'm very proud of [councillor Kirsten Wise] and the other councillors who voted for it."

Both Napier and Taradale RSAs' presidents supported the return of "War Memorial" to the centre.