Napier's biggest suburb is set to expand even more with earthworks under way on another eagerly anticipated housing development in Taradale.

A total of 73 houses are expected to be built at the Guppy Rd subdivision, which is being backed by a number of people, including former Charlie's Juice co-founder Stefan Lepionka's Earth Group.

After flying in from his Auckland base this week, Mr Lepionka said there had been "huge demand" for the sections, with nearly all of them sold.

"Our approach to Earth Group is a land development company with the same ethos behind Charlie's - 'Not from Concentrate' - that's offering a quality product to the market which we believe was wanted and desired.


"Taradale is a great family suburb with good access to shopping, schooling and community facilities which we believed would be in demand. The demand and uptake for sections we have received demonstrates this."

Mr Lepionka praised Napier council's efforts to ensure the development went ahead smoothly.

"The site was appropriately zoned for residential use, however there had never up to now been a meeting of the minds in terms of willing buyer, willing seller. We were fortunate enough to land on a deal that worked for all parties. "

Napier Mayor Bill Dalton welcomed progress on the development.

"We're pleased to see a development such as this happening in Napier. It's a reflection of the changing needs of our population."

With another 65 houses due to be built as part of a separate retirement village development, (being carried out by Napier developers Simon Tremain and Cam Ward), also on Guppy Rd, Mr Dalton said the future of the city's biggest suburb was "assured".

"One development is on the seaward side of Meeanee Rd and the other is on the river side of Meeanee Rd. Taradale is our biggest domestic suburb - and of course you have the Mission development on the hills - so the future of Taradale is assured and these projects are just really exciting. The interesting thing is, that there are a lot of people from out of town who are making enquiries for these properties.

"I have a whole bunch of people telling me they want an elevated site but a lot of people don't want an elevated site, so it's a case of catering for all needs."