Hawke's Bay's second luckiest Lotto outlet, Andrew Spence Pharmacy, has struck the money again.

But not in the twice-weekly Lotto draw.

The latest big winner came from the four draws a day, seven days a week Keno lottery competition where people pick up to 10 numbers which are part of a draw of 20 numbers from a pool of 80.

The minimum cost for a line is one dollar.


For one Keno player who bought their ticket last Friday night for the 6pm draw it was a $250,000 result.

"Not a bad return for a dollar," was how Mr Spence put it.

The lucky winner had correctly chosen 10 numbers and on Monday morning visited the outlet again to make the claim.

"They had to sit down," Mr Spence said, adding it was by far the largest Keno winner he had seen through the shop.

It was also way ahead of any other prizes recorded over the past 250 draws, although three punters had picked nine out of 10 numbers to collect $20,000.

A lotteries spokesperson said it was the first 10-number win this year, while there had been two during 2015.

Since Keno began there had been 19 big "10 number" winners.

The Onekawa outlet has sold $32 million of Lotto tickets and Friday's big Keno win has put it high on the list of the country's most successful outlets on that front.