As some Havelock North businesses near "the brink of closure", the community is taking matters into its own hands.

At a meeting last night in the Havelock North community centre, a spread of business representatives - from law firms and dairies, to beauticians - met to formulate a plan going forward from the gastro outbreak.

As well as affecting around 4700 people, the outbreak delivered a hard knock to businesses in the village, with some unable to operate as usual, and others working through limited numbers of customers, and loss of revenue.

Spokeswoman Liv Reyolds said the coherence and focus of those at the meeting had been amazing, as they discussed the impact the gastro outbreak had on them, the issues they needed to bring to the attention of the Hastings District Council.


"We're all on the same page and want to take matters into our own hands, and take the next steps," she said.

Although they wanted to ensure their plans were practical, Ms Reynolds said there was a sense of urgency needed.

"We have businesses that can't go on. As a collective community we can't bear to see other business' go down," she said.

"It's a dire situation, there are businesses on the brink of closure."

A group representing businesses from different sectors was also created last night.

Today, the group hoped to go to the council to discuss a way forward, and present some demands.

Hastings District Councillor Adrienne Pierce said the meeting had been very productive, as business owners were prepared seeking advice from one another.

"They're in pain. Their losses have been huge and it will continue for a little while longer, but they're forming a plan," she said.

Everyone was supporting each other, she said, and the Havelock North Business Association would work with affected businesses.