The male occupants of a car that hit a tree before entering the Hastings Top 10 Holiday Park waterway on Saturday night were found wet but safe by police.

Police were called to Terrace Rd in Hastings at 11.10pm on Saturday, after reports a car had entered the water and the occupants had left the scene. Police responded and located the two occupants shortly afterwards.

At the scene, damage to kerbing, skid marks and car parts suggested the car left the road at speed and broadsided a tree before entering the waterway, which borders Windsor Park and the Hastings Top 10 Holiday Park.

Discarded wet clothing on top of the car and riverbank also told the tale of the crash.


The car ended up in about a metre of water, facing the opposite direction from its original path.

A neighbour said it was not the first time a car had ended up in the pond.

"They come around both corners way too fast," she said.