Hawke's Bay residents were treated to a vision of the future last night, when Green Party co-leader James Shaw hosted a public meeting to share his dream on making New Zealand "the world's first fully sustainable economy".

A large crowd packed into the Clive Hall where Mr Shaw spoke of his party's vision and policies for New Zealand.

The MP said the "green economy of the future" could be achieved by creating economic growth while restoring the environment, and building it up.

The country had the opportunity - because of where it was situated, and where it was at in regards to the environment - to build a "humming" economy which would be a higher quality version of what had been done before, he said, citing home-grown companies such as Zealong Tea, benefiting economically by creating "100 per cent, pure New Zealand" made product.


"I believe New Zealand is the best place in the world to have the world's first fully sustainable economy and to show the rest of the world how it's done, and that is how we can make our way in the world," he said.

While the party's first priority was creating "green jobs and a green economy", the second was on housing.

"Clearly we have a busted housing market and we seriously need to do something about it," he said, praising recent moves by the Labour party.

The third priority was protecting nature.

Mr Shaw also spoke of turning around the "testy relationship" the party had had with farming, citing emerging forms of farming which were more profitable, while reducing greenhouse gases.