The Harwood Farm Trust has received a record 68 applications for this year's scholarships.

There were 37 scholarships awarded with a total value of $40,000. Scholarships were awarded to 20 students attending Lincoln University, seven at Massey, six to students attending Taratahi Farm Training, two for University of Waikato students and one each to students at Waipaoa and Otiwhiti farm training stations.

The Harwood Farm Trust was established by Myra Annie Zita Arnaboldi in November 1981 and was established to ensure Miss Arnaboldi's aspirations were realised. These included promoting the training and education of people in farming and to provide support and assistance for people undertaking agricultural courses at any institution established for that purpose within New Zealand.

The scholarships also provide, in particular, training and education in the farming of East Coast hill country and to promote facilities in the Weber district to improve the quality of life of people living in and around that farming district.


The current trustees of the Harwood Farm Trust are Murray Pringle, Moira Paewai, and Shaun Morgans. The trust owns 1253ha of rolling to fairly steep land, and farms about 6500 stock units.