A Napier state house was left with huge holes in the walls and dead animals in the backyard, local residents say, after its occupants abandoned the property.

A Constable Cr resident told Hawke's Bay Today that when the female tenant of the Housing New Zealand property moved out of the neighbourhood two weeks ago, she left the house in "a shocking state".

The resident said there were "huge holes" throughout the house, the backdoor was missing and a "big hole in the backyard was full of rubbish and dead animals".

Another resident said the tenant's treatment of the property had been "disrespectful".


"It's disgusting.

"They [Housing NZ] should put people in the houses that are actually going to respect them."

A maintenance contractor for Housing NZ, Presite Limited, had cleared the rubbish left behind at the property, but the damage to the house's interior hadn't yet been repaired.

Prestige Limited declined to comment.

Housing NZ tenancy services regional manager Jackie Pivac said the corporation was currently assessing the damage done to the property and couldn't provide more information at this stage.

Ms Pivac said a considerable proportion of damage to state homes was not a result of wilful damage, but a consequence of accidents, and "the vast majority of our tenants look after their homes".

However, where damage is obviously caused by tenants, Housing NZ has a policy of charging the costs to them.

Anyone concerned about any of Housing NZ's properties was advised to contact the corporation directly on 0800 801 601.