Six young faces full of passion, drive and strength will take to the dance floor for one of the largest dance competitions in the southern hemisphere - but they need the funds to get there.

The group must raise $18,000 in order to get themselves to Sydney, Australia, to compete in the World Supremacy Battlegrounds. So far they've raised $3000 and only have eight weeks to go.

They're now reaching out to the Hawke's Bay community to assist with their dream of battling it out against other dance groups in their division.

The bright young dance group known as Defy were the runners-up in the kids' division at Battlegrounds NZ in Hamilton in July this year, after only nine weeks of practice.


They're now headed for the WSB - the biggest and most prestigious international street dance competition in the southern hemisphere.

The group's sharp moves are all thanks to humble dance tutor, 19-year-old Miami Walsh, who has been practising street dancing for five years.

Walsh created the group of six - one boy and five girls - aged between 8-10 in term two this year and hasn't looked back.

One thing that stands out about Defy is their powerful dance moves and raw facial expressions, which creates a real atmosphere of confidence and strength throughout their performance - and once more, they love every minute of it.

Walsh said many other dance crews of a young age incorporated more "girly moves" - but not Defy.

"I was always a bit of a tomboy growing up, so I wanted more of a masculine routine, the way I dance definitely comes through in their performance."

Walsh wouldn't give much away about their new routine for their Australia performance but said it was a work in progress.

"It's a bit of a risk, we're trying out a few new moves that we've never done before.

"We are holding a number of events in the coming weeks and we're also asking local businesses to sponsor us.

"Just any kind of help from the community would be amazing to get us to this competition."

Sparkly eyed 10-year-old dancer Maia Williams said she loved being part of Defy and wasn't at all nervous about what was yet to come.

"I love it because we're all just so good at dancing. Miami is such a good tutor and we have so much fun.

"In the Hamilton competition we were kind of nervous but it didn't last long."

Ten-year-old Mischa Minogue's favourite dance move was the "crump" and she was bursting for the next performance.

"Being in this group means a lot to me because I moved up to Defy and we're about to head across to Australia.

"Before we went on stage in Hamilton we were nervous, but then we got on stage and danced as hard we could and then we got second place."

Brutally honest and fearless 9-year-old Carter ah Kiong said his favourite part about being in Defy was that he was the only boy.

"I wasn't nervous dancing in Hamilton and I don't feel nervous about dancing in Australia either," he said.

Walsh said they were holding a number of fundraising events to get Defy to Australia.

"We have a Givealittle page and a Facebook page with a list of all the things we're doing to raise money."

Those who wish to learn more or donate to Defy's cause can do so on Facebook: or Givealittle