Take a seat and a look into this modern office where a female chief executive has, in a year, turned a tech start-up idea into a huge company with more than 200 staff. Where she is a kickass career woman but still gets judged for not being a stay-athome mum.

Where technology rules everything and where the average age of employees is 24.

Throw into the mix 70-yearold Ben Whittaker, retired and looking to fill the days.

Robert De Niro was perfection as Ben. He totally shed the tough guy act.


I struggled to believe the bitchy side of Anne Hathaway as Jules Ostin so once the character mellowed out she suited it a lot more.

The pair find themselves partnered together with Ben as Jules' intern - much to her initial disgust.

But they both find there's a lot that can be learnt from another generation that does things very differently.

This is the definition of a heart-warming film. With lots of laughs and even the occasional tear on my part.

I absolutely loved it! But I can be a real sucker for a cute plot-line.

The supporting actors were just as important, playing a lineup of quirky characters who added so much to the feel of the film, especially Zack Pearlman as Davis. He was the classic Robin to Ben's Batman.

You feel like you really get to know the characters through the movie and you either want to be them or you want to be friends with them.

I came out wanting to be Jules Ostin, wanting to marry a young version of Ben Whittaker and wanting Davis as a best friend.

Even my plus one, who tends to choose action movies over light-hearted rom-coms, enjoyed it and had a few laughs.

There is always a risk that every funny line and moment is put into the trailer and the rest is just 110 minutes of filler - not with this movie!

There is so much more great stuff in the film, so I would really recommend it.

Despite the lightheartedness of the film, it actually tackles some big and relevant issues in today's world, achieving a whole lot more than just making people laugh. It makes them think.

The Intern
PG13, 121 minutes