Havelock North business affected by the Gastro Crisis will receive significant funding from the Hastings District Council and the Government as part of a recovery pacakage announced today.

Hastings District Council will be allocating $100,000 to support Havelock North business recovery, on top of the $10,000 already committed, while government is also committing $100,000 to help bolster the reputation of Havelock North.

The announcement was made at a press conference in Havelock North attended by Craig Foss, the Minister for Small Business and MP for Tukituki, and the Mayor of Hastings Lawrence Yule.

Mr Yule said: "The Havelock North business community have had a tough time as a result of the water contamination. We are committed to putting steps in place to ensure local businesses are supported..


"Havelock North village has many small, owner operator businesses who are a vital and important part of our community. I encourage everyone to continue to look out for their neighbours and actively support our local businesses" said Mayor Yule.

In addition to the government funding initiatives already announced, Mr Foss said the government was committing $100,000 to help Havelock North Village recovery.

Hastings District Council will establish a promotional fund with the allocated government funding to be managed through the Havelock North Business Association.

Hastings District Council will work with the Havelock North Business Association and local business owners to determine the most appropriate and effective use of these funds. Full details will be announced next week.

"Two weeks ago the village was nearly empty - our business owners, their staff and customers either too unwell to venture out or too busy caring for sick loved ones," Mr Foss said.

"Havelock North has long been known as a clean, beautiful place to visit with world-class fresh produce and friendly locals. This funding will help bolster Havelock North's reputation as a top destination in a region popular with both domestic and international tourists.

"It will also help assist with a speedy economic recovery, particularly for the village's many small locally owned and operated businesses.

"The money will be allocated to a promotional fund established by the Hastings District Council, which is the body responsible for providing safe drinking water and therefore supporting the community through this outbreak," he said.