Indoor Premier Results

Uni Premier 81 vs Waikato Diocesan Open A 36

St Peter's Cambridge Open A 49 vs Nottingham Castle Rangers 53

Verdettes Marist Old Girls 68 vs Verdettes Marist Premier 46


FTNC Premier 54 vs FTNC Premier Reserves 42

In the second week of the Trust Waikato Hamilton City Netball Centre Indoor Premier netball competition there was some great games of netball, including two interclub matches.

The Verdettes Marist teams played each other and same for Fraser Tech Netball Club.

In the other games Uni Premier had a big score against a valiant Waikato Diocesan Open A team and Nottingham Castle Rangers and St Peter's
Cambridge Open A had a tight and highly competitive game.

Nottingham Castle Rangers started well to be ahead by three goals at the end of the first quarter and they improved on this slightly in the second quarter to be ahead by five goals at half time.

St Peter's Cambridge Open A had a strong third quarter winning this and the game was all tied up at the break.

Rangers were again able to pull ahead slightly in the final quarter to take the win 53 goals to 49. For Rangers there was a solid defensive effort from Tiana Parker at goal keep and Jessie Fabling at goal defence with both gaining a lot of turnover ball.

Catherine Fraser-Jones at C for Nottingham Castle Rangers looks to release the ball. Photo / Judy Macdonald
Catherine Fraser-Jones at C for Nottingham Castle Rangers looks to release the ball. Photo / Judy Macdonald

Tayla Crawford at goal shoot played a strong shooting game with good accuracy and she was also solid on rebounds. For St Peter's Georgie Edgecombe at goal keep and goal defence and Waiata Tennings at goal defence and centre displayed good skills and put in a successful defensive effort.


This effort, combined with high shooting statistics from Atlanta Bruce at goal shoot, culminated in the third quarter result and then a few little errors by the team were costly in the final quarter.

Uni Premier were again dominant against a Waikato Diocesan Open A team who kept up a consistently high workload throughout.

The score, while complimentary to Uni which played outstandingly, does not reflect the heart of the Diocesan team.

By half time Uni lead by 29 goals and they won the game 81 goals to 36 in what was another polished and Synchronised effort.

For Uni, Fiesola Puamau at goal shoot was a standout, holding space and presently well and shooting confidentially.

For Diocesan, Holly Isaac at goal defence then goal keep had an outstanding game and despite being the youngest player in the team was prepared to have a go at anything. Cara Wynne at wing defence also had a good game.

In the all-FTNC game this really was a game of two halves with the FTNC Premier team working well in the first half to lead by 16 goals only to see the FTNC Premier Reserve team come back in the second half to reduce the gap to just 12 goals, giving them a very credible score of 42 goals to 54.

For FTNC Premier it was great to have Laura Hutchinson back into the team playing at goal shoot.

The team was ably led by example by captain Georgina Speedy who did some great defensive work at goal defence and goal keep. For FTNC Premier Reserve they stayed in the game and were mentally tough throughout.

Chelsea Whittaker coming on at goal shoot in the final quarter had an excellent game, shooting accurately and was strong under defensive pressure.

The Verdettes Marist game was close and very competitive in the main part until late in the third quarter and in the final quarter the Verdettes Marist Old Girls really dominated.

At half time the Old Girls lead by only four goals so nothing in it and goal for goal but the final score was 68 goals to 46.

For Old Girls they were disappointed with their slow start. Jordon Webber in at wing defence in the second half was a standout and this along with other changes sparked new energy in the team.

For Marist Premier it was once again excellent leadership and defence by Deyna Tukere at goal keep and goal defence with a consistent effort and good turnovers by Rashyan Neil at centre.

There was also some excellent shooting and outstanding play from Pou Ruri-Clarke at goal attack.

They made too many basic errors in the second half to sustain their performance.