The class of the 2016-19 Hamilton City Council signed off last week after three years making decisions for Hamilton.

The future of the Rhododendron Lawn, the council's last decision to make, was deferred until the new council meets after councillor Mark Bunting said it was too rushed to make a decision.

Normally there would be some valedictory speeches, but since no one from the current council is resigning, that was not the case.

Mr Bunting stole the stage, with a poem about his fellow councillors he wrote an hour before hand, which gained applause from councillors and staff.


Here's a taste:

The numbers were too tight to decide who was mayor, recount and recount the margins got smaller, just think five more recounts and you'd be mayor Paula. Then there is Maca, or Koru Dave, who is as subtle or tactful as a punch in the face. Rob Pascoe, nice guy, safe pair of hands, nods off quite often we all understand. I hope we can deal with our traffic congestion before the queues and traffic are as long as your questions.
Councillor Martin, our deputy mayor, who has rolled Prime Ministers, ministers, the bizz, yet struggles to find out where the vote button is.

Many of the councillors thanked their colleagues for a successful term, some apologised if debates got too personal, and wished themselves best of luck for the rest of the campaign.

Mayor Andrew King gifted flowers to council staff, and to the chief executive Richard Briggs, who provided a few words over the past three years.

"We have been very ambitious this term. If you guys were not so ambitious we may have not got some of the projects done this term, like rail."

"Our 10-year plan and introducing Mangai Māori was just as ambitious. I don't think the community appreciates just how hard making these decisions are."

The current mayor and councillors remain in office until election day.

The new councillors will have introductory and training meetings, before the first formal council meeting takes place later in the year.


The new mayor and council will also be tasked with another 10-year plan, which will be developed around 2020-21.