Hamilton born singer Rubita is returning home this Saturday to launch the release of her first single from her up and coming album Distinctive Thrill.

After three long years of recording and grooming the album - she said the first song is finally ready to be heard at the Nivara Lounge.

Supported by local artists Parabola West and Broadcast State, Rubita infuses her sweet and sparkling indie pop with sultry, tropical melodies channelling the likes of Zero 7, Kimbra and Nancy Sinatra.

Rubita said lyrical writing is at times difficult for her, but when she feels inspired the lyrics write themselves.


"This single I'm about to release was written in the heart of a student flat, in the most studentie places of all - Leith St, Dunedin. It describes the story of someone going back into a relationship that failed the first time, and the consequences that follow," Ms Jacket said.

"For me, lyric writing is about grabbing the essence from a distressing moment of time, turning it into wine, and sipping on this byproduct until that distressing memory is nothing more than a funky glass bottle that I can look at and think 'That glass bottle is so cool it makes all those hard times worth it'."