Hamilton's Gallagher Aquatic Centre swimming facility will close for six weeks, from March 16, for a range of maintenance and renewal work.

The complex, adjacent to Melville High School, is the smaller of the two facilities in the Hamilton Pools operation, overseen by Hamilton City Council.

Council's aquatic facilities manager Stuart Davidson, said in a statement the six-week closure stems from a management desire to combine a range of planned work.

"As part of asset management, we plan ahead for work our facilities need," Mr Davidson said.


"Pools are popular facilities, and the machinery in our plant rooms has moving parts. We need to manage and replace those from time to time to ensure we can meet the needs of our customers.

"In the case of Gallagher Aquatic Centre, we've opted to close it for six weeks to get all of the work done, rather than a series of shorter closures staggered over a much longer period of time.

"We absolutely appreciate this will inconvenience some of our customers, but it's essential we get this work done and we feel this six-week closure is the most efficient and effective way to get this done."

The work at Gallagher Aquatic Centre will begin on March 16, and includes:
- Retiling the pool.
- Replacing flooring product.
- Repainting the interior of the facility.
- Work on pumps and filter in the facility's plant room.

Mr Davidson says Gallagher Aquatic Centre's regular customers – many of who are lane swimmers - are urged to visit Waterworld for their swimming needs during the maintenance closure.

"For lane swimming, we recommend Waterworld's 50m pool, between 9am and 3pm, when the demand for pool space isn't so great."

Gallagher Aquatic Centre will reopen for business on 28 April, and updates on the maintenance and renewals project will be posted to the Hamilton Pools Facebook page so customers can keep tabs on the work being done.