Thank you, Rachel Stewart, for your grim Opinion piece in the Chronicle. It was a true cry from your heart.

All of our environmental worries are now coming together ... from climate change to water shortages, from hungry refugees to all the struggling life on Earth. Yes, we really have met the enemy and it is us, us, nearly all of us!

We must lower our numbers and simplify, then again simplify our lives.

This holds not only for the politicians, but for all of us.


We have made a dreadful mess and now we must clean it up!


Turia spot on

I should like to commend Dame Tariana Turia for her comprehensive, analytical viewpoint on euthanasia. (Chronicle, April 12).

I share her viewpoint on euthanasia wholeheartedly.

This because I have experienced the loss of a loved one through this method, even though the practice of euthanasia is not yet legal practice in NZ.

I am therefore very fearful of euthanasia being enacted into NZ law.

I once read the hospital file of a hospitalised family member, wherein were three words which horrified me — "do not resuscitate". No discussion had ever been had either with that person, or the family to authorise that statement.

This was entered in the hospital records many years before this person died.


Yes, Dame Tariana, our families are so much a part of who we are, and I would recommend your views as very important and worthwhile reading for both pro- and anti-euthanasia viewpoints.


Lethal error

It is disappointing that the Justice Committee in its report to Parliament has not recommended that the contentious and life-threatening End of Life Choice Bill (EOLCB) be rejected and defeated at its second reading in May.

The Committee has ignored the 38,707 written submissions made to the Committee and the 3600 oral submissions. A careful analysis of the submissions by the Care Alliance reveals that 90.02 per cent of written submissions were opposed to euthanasia and the EOLCB.

This represents a clear message from the community that they do not support doctors being given the authority to kill their patients with a lethal injection or to assist in their suicide. This is the biggest number of written submissions ever received by a select committee on a bill in New Zealand.

Why, then, is this committee ignoring the wishes of the people of New Zealand and pursuing its own agenda? It is also disappointing that Jacinda Ardern and Paula Bennett, who have been elected to protect us, support changing the law prohibiting homicide to allow doctors to kill their patients.

There is no dignity in being killed by your doctor who has been trained to care for us and not to kill.


Folau quotes Jesus

I'm surprised how few New Zealanders realise that Israel Folau is quoting the words of Jesus from the Bible. Look up Revelation 21:8.


March for our fallen

"March for Anzac Day!" While OSH fret about a memorial flypast crashing into the crowd, we have a "risk assessment", I suspect engineered by a minority fearing that we might face a revenge attack. The grim irony is that he was an Australian, wasn't he?

On April 25, 1915, New Zealand and Australian forces landed at Gallipoli in Turkey to be cut down by machine-guns in a bloodbath.

They fell in their thousands. They have no grave. They marched and died for us then, we must march for them now.

Stand up! It is an honour, a respect and a duty.

Our red poppy symbolises who we are as a country. We must never forget the sacrifice of those who fell in two world wars and the many engagements since.

The threat of annihilation at a political whim still lurks.

"We will remember them" and that memory will give us courage!

Durie Hill

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