JUST as well D Partner of Eastown (March 29) is not a veterinary surgeon. He would be pronouncing living things dead when they are actually exhibiting distinct signs of recovery.

D Partner may prefer not to know, but he is being outnumbered by inquirers who want the facts about our macro-economy and want them now — before we are hit defenceless by another recession.

Social Credit claims are based on information found in the public domain, not on dogmatic neo-liberal assumptions, eg, the one that asserts the public sector can be funded only from private sources at interest, when there is absolutely nothing in legislation demanding this.

In conversation with a senior Treasury economist I put it to him that if it were okay for our Reserve Bank to provide a $5 billion credit line to the big systemic banks during the 2007-09 crisis, surely it's good enough to finance our essential public infrastructures in a similar fashion. He not only agreed but was proud to tell me he was responsible for inviting Professor Steve Keene, a leading monetary reform economist, to New Zealand, especially to talk to his staff.


Anyone noticed lately how Treasury-speak is less about bean-counting and more about "well-being"?

D Partner's negative attitude could change. Meantime, I thank him for the challenge.


More chances with STV

D Partner is concerned about Steve Baron's mention that in the October WDC election we get a chance to decide on First Past the Post (FPTP) or the Single Transferable Vote (STV, ranking your choices).

His focus is to suggest Mr Baron is early electioneering?

Firstly, STV simply gives the voter a far better opportunity that, if your first choice fails, then maybe your second or third for councillors or mayor will succeed.

That aside, those who are not currently elected have to "knock on the door" much harder. Sitting councillors are often re-elected. The public is largely unaware of their attendance record, their contributions (or for some, lack thereof), and their voting record on key issues but ... their name is "well recognised".

Using D Partner's blunt outlook, is it then okay for me to suggest that Cr Vinsen (who has been on WDC for so many years) is not possibly doing some soft early electioneering? In a regular newspaper column he makes it clear where he falls on every major issue and his view of the mayor on some matters. Doing his job or electioneering to 19,000 households? Does it matter?


My lens tells me Rob Vinsen is like Winston Peters; he's a savvy veteran on the community landscape who smiles at children -- but one is not to poke the grizzly bear unless well prepared. He has served well and has "name recognition".

Neither has breached election guidelines. They are good men, both simply having their say.

Is it okay for you, as a potential voter, to accept D Partner's whip at Mr Baron's motives but not of my comparison with Cr Vinsen's? Mr Baron is entitled to speak to STV whether he has declared he is running or not.

To conclude, STV gives you more chances to have more of who you want on WDC. With STV, you get to bite a big, red, delicious, apple more than once and have a much stronger say in who is your mayor.


Unnecessary interview

On Seven Sharp (March 26) a representative of the Jewish Council was allowed to make use of the atrocity against Muslims to remind us of anti-Semitism.

We are all well aware of anti-Semitism, but it is time to learn about Islamophobia.


There is no need to invade another people's tragedy with one's own agenda. Jeremy then made this unnecessary interview toxic by asking an Islamophobic question linking Muslims to terrorism against Jews, with which the representative readily concurred.

This was a neat piece of deceit and hypocrisy that undermined the whole tenor of the media's previous narrative.


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