Rotorua, its rich culture and natural beauty, will be on display today when Prince Harry and Meghan touch down as part of their royal tour.

Their itinerary is similar to that of many other visitors drawn to the city and will showcase some of the features that make the city such a magnet for tourists.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will visit Te Papaiouru Marae, Rainbow Springs, the Government Gardens and the Redwoods.

Some question the cost of the couple's tour of the country, but that needs to be balanced against the international exposure Rotorua will receive as a result of the press coverage of their visit.


According to Destination Rotorua chief executive Michelle Templer, Prince William's 2014 visit was worth more than $86 million in exposure for New Zealand, and she expects Rotorua to feature strongly in the international coverage.

You could hazard a guess that - given the popularity and star power of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex - the financial benefits of the visit will exceed the 2014 figure.

Chinese trade partners are interested in the Royals' itinerary and have been talking to Destination Rotorua about replicating the royal experience in their travel packages.

I believe even people who do not support the monarchy can see the value in that.

Aside from the financial benefits, Harry and Meghan's arrival in Rotorua will provide a boost to the city's mood. It's a chance to celebrate something positive and for locals to see the royal couple in person.

Welcome to Rotorua Harry and Meghan, we hope you enjoy your stay.