Justice Helen Cull has allowed new and last-minute claims for damage and costs by Whanganui's Goodier family - which may mean a further hearing in the High Court.

Mark and Nichola Goodier are seeking compensation for damage done to their house and section in the June 2015 flood event in Whanganui. Their case is against both the Earthquake Commission (EQC) and their insurance company, IAG.

The case had two weeks in the Whanganui High Court, starting on September 17, and a further week in the Wellington High Court - 15 days of hearing in all.

On the final day, October 16, at 5.15pm, the Goodiers' lawyer Grant Shand presented a changed claim. Lawyers for the EQC and IAG objected, saying he had not asked leave of the court to do so and had presented "a whole new claim".


Justice Cull has considered the new claim and their objections, and released her decision on November 16.

She decided to allow new claims for damage and costs. The items damaged increased from 11 to 34, and the costs to reinstate the property, claimed against IAG, also increased.

The changed claim did get to the heart of the "full controversy", she said.

However the EQC and IAG must also have the chance to respond to the new claim - and more hearing time may be needed for that.

Justice Cull did not allow a fresh claim for costs related to anxiety and distress.