In the wake of some apocalyptic disaster The Townsville Town Journal documents the goings on in the only remaining community on Earth.

There are stories of the townspeople, interviews, art, jokes and an advisory that residents should attend a post-apocalyptic DJ set at the town hall.

The zine has been produced by Whanganui writer Abby Stewart and is a vehicle for her poetry, writing and art complimented by work from a handful of contributors.

It also includes interviews with a couple of Abby's friends about their own creative work.


Abby has been working on the project for about a year and a small print run will be released this weekend.

"It didn't really have a concept to begin with," Abby says.

"Originally there were going to be some poems and interviews with friends and people I admire. Then I realised that all the things I was wanting to put in kind of fit a certain theme."

Abby say the premise - the fictional Townsville with the slogan 'better than nothing!' - was influenced by the TV show The Leftovers and the book The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter.

"It's just about the idea of people who live on the edge of society, all the kind of misfits. I'm interested in those types of stories," she says.

"I do think about the end of the world and instead of it being a scary thing, this is sort of a Utopian version of what could happen after the end of the world."

What exactly has happened in the recent past is left open to interpretation throughout the zine.

"Especially for the contributors, I wanted them to feel free to imagine whatever kind of world they wanted.


"And it's really the first thing I've written for an audience and I want people who read it to be able to imagine whatever they want to."

Abby is yet to decide if there will be a second issue to come.

*The Townsville Town Journal will be available from Sunday at Article for $15.