So far no Whanganui winter sport fixtures have been postponed for this weekend, but Sport Whanganui says clubs should be prepared for the possibility of their seasons being cut short.

Sport Whanganui CEO Danny Jonas was discouraged when he heard the announcement the country was re-entering alert level 2, and Auckland level 3, but said there had been some indicators over the past week that this could be possible.

"Shock's not the right word, but I guess disappointment," he said.

"That being said, we have been told enough times this could happen."


Jonas said the organisation wasn't getting ahead of itself but was preparing for a worst-case scenario.

They would be looking to systems put in place earlier in the year and use the knowledge gained from operating in the previous lockdown.

"We were definitely prepared [for a level change], simply from the learnings of the first phase."

Many junior sport teams have postponed training over the past two days with Central Football announcing all junior football this weekend has been cancelled.

Sport Whanganui are holding tight on making any decisions until Friday when a decision is set to be made by the Government about what alert level the country will be in from Saturday.

Wanganui Rugby has said if the country is at alert level 1 or 2 on Saturday, all club rugby games will proceed.

Under level 2, there is the potential for no spectators, because of gathering restrictions and the difficulties around managing them.

A final decision about spectators will be made by 12pm on Friday. Under level 3, no games will go ahead.


Although a move up alert levels was not wanted by anyone, Jonas said they had to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

"We don't want to make any assumptions or do any speculating, but we are certainly confident we can roll out again. Not by choice, but we are ready to go."

He said he felt for sport and recreation clubs after what had been a very challenging year.

"All that stuff that has been rolled back in a reasonably swift manner and here we are potentially, potentially, facing it again. We are always optimistic but we're also realistic.

"You begin to feel for those clubs and codes who have just started getting their head above water again."

With social distancing and 100-person limit at venues under level 2, clubs and venues will have a difficult time containing numbers, so spectators being able to attend seems unlikely.


"We are ready and we are prepared. We will be here as were before for the sports clubs and codes."