With sporting events and many training sessions across Northland cancelled in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, ExerciseNZ is urging people to keep up their fitness regimes to help them protect against the virus.

One of the best things for Kiwis to do, to build up a strong immune system during the coronavirus pandemic is, to stay physically active, ExerciseNZ chief executive Richard Beddie said.

Kiwis should try to get a good night's sleep, keep up healthy nutrition with lots of variety and manage stress, by resting, relaxing and doing yoga, Beddie said.

"Keeping anxiety in check is very important in this current stressful environment. Our message is to keep up with hygiene advice such as washing hands thoroughly and avoid touching the face during workouts and at all times,'' he said.


"It appears at this stage that Covid-19 is most likely not transmittable through either the air or sweat, so the key is to sustain the usual good practice safeguards.

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"We are also encouraging gyms to increase their best practice with more regular wiping of all hard surfaces such as shared equipment, and educating clients and members about no contact exercise options, as well as maintaining social distancing where possible.''

Beddie said many private trainers are also offering options such as exercising in a nearby park to help people keep up their exercise habits while maintaining good social distancing practices.

ExerciseNZ CEO Richard Beddie is urging Northlanders to keep up their exercise regimes to help fight off Covid-19.
ExerciseNZ CEO Richard Beddie is urging Northlanders to keep up their exercise regimes to help fight off Covid-19.

ExerciseNZ is working with gyms about offering digital options to their members, as well as managing peak flows in gyms to allow members to still use them, while ensuring all those who are exercising can do so with maximum safety and following all Ministry of Health guidelines.

ExerciseNZ also has a web page with free resources for all providers of exercise, as well as those who wish to maintain their exercise routine but do it safety: www.exercisenz.org.nz/covid19.

Beddie is currently overseas and will self-isolate for 14 days on his return but is in constant contact with exercise providers around New Zealand and globally about the coronavirus issue.