Ki ora, Alison (Editor),

My name is Malia Cousins.

I live in Gisborne and I come to Whangamatā in the school holidays. This school holidays when I came here I thought about making a poem about all the fun times I have had here in the summer and they are just a few. I am 9 and go to Makaraka School in Gisborne. I do not write much but I was bored so I thought of writing a poem. My grandparents are Jo Wolfenden (Jo Jo) and Richard Wolfenden (papa Rick), and they thought my poem would be good enough for the newspaper because it is about the beauty of Whangamatā. My Jojo owns Ear Health.
This is my poem I hope you enjoy,

The bright rays from the sun shine on me
The soft wind ripples through the air
The sound of the sea makes me feel happy
The beauty of the land it is gorgeous


The warm sand between my toes tickles my feet
Boogie boarding the big waves feels like surfing
Going on the boat to Slipper Island with the
wind in my hair
Dancing around when I get here
The excitement of coming to Whangamatā

The fresh air and the clean water
It is the best place to go to
And the best family to stay with
I shall return!