There is nothing better than a Bay summer.

If you're like me, the weather can really uplift your mood and weather-wise there is no doubt the season has got off to a great start at the weekend.

From climbing Mount Maunganui on a warm sunny day, swimming in the sea, basking in the sun with friends and family to attending a summer music gig, road trips to other parts of the region and a dinner of fish and chips on the beach, I pretty much did just about everything I love about summer in the first weekend of summer.

The only thing missing was a barbie with good music and company - but it's still early days and plenty of time for that.


We're a region that has plenty to offer outdoors, perfect for those who love to keep active so it's no surprise people love a Bay summer just as much as I do and flock to our city to enjoy what we get to every day.

According to climatologists, we're in for a warmer than normal summer in Tauranga and we look set to enjoy some more beauty days this week.

Bring on summer - I can't wait to spend the rest of my free time this summer riding my bike in my jandals.

While we are out and about enjoying summer days, feeling as though we are on holiday mode, even if it is on a couple of days off from work, let's remember to keep safe - on roads, in the water and under the sun.

Cover yourself in sunscreen and clothing, be mindful of all road users and take care when swimming- make safe choices, people.