A Pāpāmoa tradie is thousands of dollars out of pocket after two separate thefts from different worksites.

Owner of Gold Bricks Jason Wilson was feeling "annoyed", "upset" and like the "unluckiest bricklayer in the Bay of Plenty" after being what he believes was unintentionally targetted twice.

On Thursday, thieves entered one of his worksites in Pāpāmoa and stole the sawblade off of one of his $3000 brick saws.

The saw was unusable without the tray underneath it, which was left behind chained up to the site.


Three days later, thieves headed to a different worksite just around the corner that Wilson happened to also be working on and stole only the tray from one of his other expensive brick saws.

"There are more than 100 bricklayers in Tauranga and they happened to hit me again."

Wilson said he could not believe the thieves could think they were universal and would fit with each other as they were completely different saws.

"The police asked me if I knew anyone that could have done it, I said I didn't know anyone that stupid."

Now Wilson was left with two unusable parts of two expensive brick saws and the thieves did not have a complete saw.

He had to pay about $2000 worth of insurance excess as he had to make two different claims on the tools.

One of the brick saws stolen from Jason Wilson's worksite. Photo / Supplied
One of the brick saws stolen from Jason Wilson's worksite. Photo / Supplied

Not only that, the replacement items needed to come from Australia and Christchurch, meaning they were sitting in containers and could be a long time coming.

He said the tools were not just something you could go and buy easily.


"You don't just go to the shop and quickly choose a $3500 saw."

Wilson was calling in favours across the city to keep himself and his three employees in work.

"These tools are critical to our work... our lifeline."

This was not the first time Wilson had been stolen from either.

Last year, he had another $3500 brick saw stolen in another incident.

Although luck did not appear to be on his side, Wilson said he was thankful for the community support behind him and being able to keep his team in work.


"It's just a waiting game now for the new parts to arrive."

A police spokeswoman confirmed they received a report of the burglary on July 10.