As Tauranga City Council battles with the economic fallout of Covid-19, it's looking at a range of cost-cutting options.

One of the more popular services on the chopping block is Our Place, the pop-up container village in the heart of the city.

Home to a variety of food trucks and boutique retailers since 2017, Our Place was once part of the council's vision to inject some much-needed life into the CBD. But in a meeting that lasted more than seven hours, council narrowly voted in favour of closing the venue permanently.

"It's a little bit disappointing as we were doing quite well in our business," said Dan Johnstone from eatery Hello Rosie.


"Most people are against it, especially the regular customers."

Shelly Bullock, from The Style Loft, says the decision is a bad one.

"I think it's really sad. It's an amazing community hub and lots does actually go on here, and I think a lot community-wise can still go on here. It would be really sad for it to go."

Local resident Deborah Ussery said: "My first reaction was shock. I really enjoy Our Place and go as often as we can with my friend and I. So yeah, it would be a big disappointment to see it go."

J D Smith, also a local, doesn't agree either.

"It's totally wrong and it's for the locals and locals building business."

The public has two weeks to have a say on the cost-cutting measures as part of the draft annual plan when it goes out for public consultation in late June.

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