It's been a patient wait but from next week all Western Bay recycling centres and green waste drop-off sites will be open for business again.

From Tuesday, The Western Bay of Plenty's four recycle and green waste centres in Katikati, Omokoroa, Te Puke and Athenree will resume usual open days and hours.

The centres were all put on temporary opening hours at levels 3 and 2 to provide the community-specific days to bring greenwaste, plastics and other recyclables to the centres in a managed manner required under Covid-19 Alert Level requirements.

The fortnightly rural recycling trial programme at BP Pongakawa will also run for two final weekends; next Saturday and two weeks after that on June 20.


Following these dates, the trial will stop marking the completion of the six-month trial period.

Council's utilities manager Kelvin Hill said it had been a team effort to get all our centres up and running again.

"Staff have worked hard to provide a safe environment so we can offer this service and the public have been very patient and understanding."

Restrictions that will remain in place include customers required to maintain a one-metre physical distance for safety reasons and staff not assisting customers with their recycling.

The only recycling items that will be accepted are glass bottles and jars separated into colours, aluminium cans, tin cans, flattened corrugated cardboard, paper - including light card and egg cartons, clear plastic milk and cream bottles, anchor light-proof milk bottles, and clear plastic drink bottles

Any coloured plastic bottles, plastic meat trays and punnets, plastic containers for margarine, yogurt and ice cream will not be accepted.

In a press statement, the council said it was not prepared to collect these plastics and then have to take them to the landfill, as this would end up being a cost on ratepayers.

Greenwaste will not be accepted if it includes flax, pampas, bamboo, gorse or palms.


These are treated as normal refuse and not accepted at the recycling centres.

Greenwaste stem diameter must be no thicker than 100mm and the length no longer than three metres.

During the lockdown period, the council collected 44.6 tonnes of mixed glass, 4.25 tonnes of cardboard and 9 tonnes of paper across the Katikati and Te Puke recycling centres.

On average, 385 vehicles visited the centres on days the sites were open.

Waihi Beach and Athenree residents are also being reminded that the Athenree Recycle Centre will be closed this Monday which is the Queen's Birthday weekend public holiday.

More information can be found on the Western Bay of Plenty website.

Recycling and green waste opening hours

*Athenree: Thursday; 1-4pm, Saturday; 9am-12 noon, Sunday; 1-4pm.
*Katikati: Thursday; 9am-4pm, Saturday; 9am-4pm, Sunday; 9am-12 noon.
*Omokoroa: Wednesday; 2pm-4pm, Saturday; 2pm-4pm.
*Te Puke: Tuesday; 8am-5pm, Thursday; 8am-5pm, Saturday; 8am-4pm.