Western Bay of Plenty District Council's recycling centres and green waste drop-off sites have extended their operating hours to receive stockpiled plastics and green waste until the end of May.

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Recycling and green waste facilities in the district are operating under Alert Level 2 conditions with extended hours and additional open days from Sunday, May 24 to Sunday, May 31.

During this time centres will operate from 9am to 4pm, closing for lunch
between 12-1pm.


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Katikati will be open on Thursday, May 28, Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31.

Athenree will be open on Sunday, May 24, Tuesday, May 26, Thursday, May 28, Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31.

Te Puke will be open Tuesday, May 26, Wednesday, May 27, and Thursday, May 28.

Omokoroa will be open on Wednesday, May 27 and Saturday, May 30.

Normal hours and operations for all recycling centres will resume from Monday, June 1.

Under Alert Level Two conditions until June 1, customers will be required to maintain a one metre physical distance for safety reasons. Staff will not be assisting customers with their recycling.

Council utilities manager Kelvin Hill said the public had been great in accepting the Covid-19 operating hours and the restrictions on accepted recyclable goods under Alert Levels 3 and 2.

The rules for Alert Level 2 are as follows:
• No pets allowed in vehicles on site
• Limited number of vehicles in the site to maintain the physical distancing required.
• No trailers (apart from when centres open for green waste only)
• Only Eftpos transactions accepted for green waste. No cash accepted.
• Only the following recycling items will be accepted:
1. Glass bottles and jars separated into colours.
2. Aluminium cans.
3. Tin cans.
4. Flattened corrugated cardboard.
5. Paper, including light card and egg cartons.
6. Clear plastic milk and cream bottles.
7. Anchor light proof milk bottles.
8. Clear plastic drink bottles.
Green waste will not be accepted if it includes flax, pampas, bamboo, gorse or palms. (These are treated as normal refuse and not accepted at the recycling centres).


Green waste stem diameter must be no thicker than 100mm and the length no longer than three metres.

The following items will no longer be accepted:
• Meat trays, plastic punnets, janitorial plastics (even if it is a Number 1 or 2 plastic).
• No coloured plastic bottles (e.g. Ginger beer, Sprite etc.).
• Janitorial and coloured plastics will no longer be accepted at any recycling centres
nationwide due to there being no market for these plastics in the foreseeable future.

Hill said council was not prepared to collect these plastics and then have to take them to
the landfill, as this would end up being a cost on ratepayers.

"We will not be accepting any coloured plastic, plastic meat trays, or any type of plastic
products like margarine or ice cream containers and we suggest people place these items in their rubbish bins. Please do not be offended if we say no at the gate to receiving these
items at our centres.

"We thank everyone for their cooperation and patience during this period."

Recycling Centre opening hours from Sunday, May 24-Sunday, May 31:



Thursday, May 28 – plastics only.

Saturday, May 30 – plastics, cardboard, paper, colour sorted glass, tin/aluminium cans.

Sunday, May 31 – green waste only.

Sunday, May 24– green waste only.
Tuesday, May 26– plastics only.
Thursday, May 28– plastics, cardboard, paper, colour sorted glass, tin/aluminium cans.
Saturday, May 30 – plastics, cardboard, paper, colour sorted glass, tin/aluminium cans.
Sunday, May 31 – green waste only.

Te Puke
Tuesday, May 26 – plastics only.
Wednesday, May 27 – green waste only.
Thursday, May 28 – plastics, cardboard, paper, colour sorted glass, tin/aluminium cans.

Wednesday, May 27 – green waste only.
Saturday, May 30 – green waste only.