New Zealand's lockdown hasn't stopped Te Puke's Mitsi Weyers from having fun working at home, staying active and trying to meet a marathon goal.

Meyers says she dresses up every morning for her work at home office with a different theme. She is a receptionist in town, and says their whole company is working from home at the moment.

"I'm having heaps of fun just being crazy."

She also loves running so has been doing that around her house.


"We've got about 200m to work with, but most importantly my husband and I are staying home in our bubble. We also do the Les Mills free workouts on TVNZ1 On Demand."

Weyers says overall she is a positive person and always believes the glass is half-full rather than half-empty but even she is struggling with the new normal.

"So I've made a decision to actively get up every morning and have at least one fun activity installed for the day."

She says with this she focuses on one day at a time and doesn't look at the bigger picture - "I don't focus on 28 days in lockdown, I focus on one day at a time".

Weyers says she and her husband are runners, and have been for a few years.

"We were in week 14 of a 20-week marathon programme. We were supposed to run our first marathon in Hawkes Bay on May 16. We decided we are going to finish this no matter what.

"For me running clears my mind, and although it is hard work I do feel good after a run. I felt like I've accomplished something big for the day. That was a big thing taken away from us with the lockdown."

Weyers says she was a bit unsettled at first but then she and her husband mapped out their property.


"We managed to get about 250m to run, so we put on some nice music and off we go.

"We know we are allowed to go a bit further away from our house but with so many people out and about in the afternoons we decided to stick to our property for our and their safety.

"So who knows, we might just complete our home-bound marathon after all before lockdown ends."

Weyers says she loves doing dress ups so she has heaps of clothes and accessories at home.

"I look for any excuse to dress up for a certain theme. In February we went to the Art Deco Festival for instance.

"It feels with this lockdown you can just go crazy - safely in your bubble off course - and it is okay."

She says her husband is super cool for letting her suggest some outfits for him sometimes too.

"Earlier this week we did the free Les Mills workout on TVNZ1 On Demand and we had heaps of fun with dressing up for that also.

"I love to make an occasion of everything. Life is just too short and too uncertain to not live life to the fullest.

"I've just seen the funniest videos on Facebook with people being creative and having fun".

"We are doing this for the whole country, our loved ones and especially for the vulnerable people in New Zealand."

She says they are staying safe for their sons and they know their sons are staying safe for them.

"I think it is important to stay within the rules for your loved ones. You are important to them. We should get it right the first time for everyone."

Weyers says they have also used this time to be in contact with their parents in South Africa every day.

"I call them to make sure they are at home, staying safe for us. My last words usually at the end of a text or phone call to family is: 'Stay safe for us please'."

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