Cruise ships docking in Tauranga were under strict health and safety protocols to ensure coronavirus did not land on our shores, Tourism of Bay of Plenty has confirmed.

The organisation released the statement yesterday to ease host communities about the spread of coronavirus from the visiting vessels.

Tourism Bay of Plenty chief executive Kristin Dunne said the cruise industry had extensive experience and protocols for managing the health and wellbeing of their guests.

"There are strict measures being taken to mitigate COVID-19 (coronavirus) risk and we have complete faith in the conditions they've employed."


Cruise industry leaders had issued an update confirming that the majority of more than 270 cruise ships globally continue to sail unaffected.

No cruise ships had travelled directly from China to New Zealand.

There were a number of measures in place on cruise liners to ensure the illness could not be spread including pre-screening and reporting procedures.

Dunne said the Bay of Plenty is known internationally as a welcoming destination.

"Visitors tell us frequently how welcoming locals are and I encourage our communities to continue to show cruise ships and their passengers the manaakitanga we are renowned for."