Zoe Marshall has been a trendsetter in many ways and her latest family smartphone rules might just catch on.

The Sydney-based radio presenter and blogger has previously shared the infertility struggles experienced by her and husband, rugby league star Benji Marshall, followed by giving helpful tips for others going through the traumatic process.

She has also covered her breastfeeding, their intimacy issues after son Fox's birth, and how brutally challenging parenting was.

And last year, when she got on board the NRL's Voice Against Violence campaign, she also opened up about a past relationship in which she suffered domestic abuse.


Her latest point – smartphones - might be on a lighter subject note, but, as usual, the self-confessed over-sharer's tips are on point.

"I've been shifting a few things since the start of the year," she wrote on Instagram.

"Less phone time is paramount and it's radical. Benji and I don't have our phones on us from 4-7 . . . we are a family unit and try to have dinner with Fox (he eats at 5). Last night we sat around the dinner table - eye contact, talking, laughing.

"It was so simple, yet one of the happiest moments I remember having as a family. I also request us to be off phones when we watch our shows together. There's something incredible about social media, smartphones and technology - but even more important is having boundaries with your device. I dare you . . . try it . . . and for those of you who do, how do you manage it at home?"

Sometimes her over-sharing gets Marshall into trouble. Earlier this month she posted photos holidaying with her "Gusband", gay best friend fashion designer Steven Khalil in Singapore. Some of her followers questioned the appropriateness of her pictures to which she blasted back: "It seems like people get really ruffled up about our travels and relationship.

"[They say] We are too affectionate, we are too close, he's in too many photos, where is my husband? What does he think about it?

"I've never been so confused? Would this be the case if I was with a girlfriend? Would this be the case if Benj was away with his mates? Would you be questioning him? Can't a wife and mother be on her gusband's shoulders in peace???"

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