A personal trainer is doing some heavy lifting for the city's vulnerable by collecting cans to beef up the Tauranga Community Foodbank's supplies.

Louise Watson, a personal trainer based at Snap Fitness on Waihi Rd, is calling on gym-goers to drop off a can or non-perishable food item when heading for a workout.

So far, Watson had collected more than 450 cans. She aimed to collect 1000 cans by the end of next week.

"We're quick to forget how good we have it," Watson said. "Most of us just have cans at home.


"I think anyone can help."

Aside from the bounty of canned food, people had also dropped off other foods like jam and milo.

Watson said she wanted to do something to help families feeling the pinch around the Christmas period.

So did the gym's clients, given the solid support demonstrated by the community.

She said some clients understood the struggle and were willing to help out.

"It's about practising the art of giving. Something small can add up," she said.

Meanwhile, Tauranga ITM has also stepped up and donated a whopping $5000 sum to the foodbank.

General manager Steve Lowe said the store had made the donation regularly over the last few years.


He said the store felt it was an important contribution to make.

"We're part of the community, as is the foodbank. It's the right thing to do," he said.

He said the business chose to give a cash donation so that the foodbank could use the funds at its discretion.

He said he was surprised to hear the foodbank was 45 per cent busier now compared to the same time last year.

"We can forget about that side of the community."