It is the satisfaction of knowing she is doing something good that led Chris Olsen to dedicate hundreds of hours to volunteering at the Tauranga Community Foodbank.

Every Wednesday, Olsen can be found divvying up bulk amounts of food and carefully preparing parcels packed full of food for hungry bellies in Tauranga.

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The 63-year-old former physiotherapist, who has lived in Mount Maunganui for 37 years, has been with the foodbank since it was in its old depot on Drive Cres.


She got involved with the foodbank when she finished up working and was on the hunt for volunteer work in 2014.

A friend suggested she volunteer at the foodbank and the rest is history.

Olsen said she loves the satisfaction she gets from her involvement and seeing the community spirit on show at the foodbank.

"There's great camaraderie among the team. You just know you're doing something good," she said.

"People in the community are good to us and are always thankful. Some people come back and donate when they're in a better space.

"It's wonderful when individual people bring in baking."

The community's need for help has grown during the past five years, Olsen said.

"We're doing more parcels and bigger parcels."

Olsen said parcels were tailored to fit the recipients and she tried to take the number of children into account, and extra festive goodies were added to parcels around Christmas time.


"Christmas is a very satisfying time to work."

She urged people to give during the Christmas Appeal.

"There's a certain feeling about doing good and giving what you can."