Mount Maunganui dog Boi has had surgery to fix a spinal condition and owner Hayden Walker says he is recovering well.

Walker featured in the Bay of Plenty Times last year after he raised more than $10,000 for Boi's surgery by selling honey made by a Gisborne honey-maker he partnered with.

He said he ended up selling 700kg of honey to pay for the surgery, which saw an implant inserted in 6-year-old Boi's spine to protect his spinal cord.

Walker said there was a minor setback about five weeks into Boi's recovery.


"He was yelping, he couldn't walk properly, so it was either surgical or medical," he said.

The vet recommended new medication and bed rest, Walker said.

"At the moment he's doing okay . . . he's been put on to another course of medications.

"We won't know until he comes off his medications and stuff again to make sure that everything's okay with him."

Walker said Boi was on about three months of crate rest after the surgery, which was difficult for him to see.

He said the hardest part about the whole situation was making the decision to go ahead with Boi's surgery and he sometimes questioned his decision.

"Obviously it was a lot of money, and it was a lot of responsibility for me to make for him. So it was determining whether I was doing it for me or him that was probably the hardest part."

"Having to drop him off on the day was quite hard."


Walker said raising the money was difficult, but having the community rally around them made it easier.

"I look at him, and he's in the cage. I look at him and . . . I know I've done the right thing. He was in pain . . . it's a catch-22 really.

"I deserved to give him a chance, and I've given him that chance . . . he's happy now he's into recovery."

Walker wanted to thank everyone who had helped with Boi's fundraising, whether by buying honey or by making a donation.

"Without these guys, it wouldn't have happened . . . I have a lot of people follow Boi on his Facebook page.

"I'd just like to thank them all for their support . . . the community's been really, really great.

"I'm really grateful."