The city has experienced another year of rapid growth, according to the annual report from the Tauranga City Council.

The population has reached more than 136,000 and was expected to increase by upwards of 10,000 by 2024.

More than 225,000 cruise ship passengers visited the city and the number of students has surpassed 25,000 in the 2018/2019 year.

Mayor Greg Brownless said the city's growth was also reflected in the amount of commerce and construction taking place.


"This is great for our local economy and is also creating a lot of jobs," he said.

"It's great to know that so many people have the confidence in our city to come here, to make their homes here, and to build here.

"One of the biggest challenges is to relieve the pressure on our infrastructure, such as transport, wastewater, stormwater and water supply."

The report also reviews the work the council carried out during 2018/19 and projects that will cater to the city's growing community have also been acknowledged.

The purchase of Bella Vista properties, and reviews undertaken to find ways to improve our services, community engagement, project planning and delivery were also explored.

Financially, the report said that the council had delivered $206 million of new capital. It had a total net debt of $441m, a debt-to-revenue ratio of 176 per cent, and a $0.3m rates surplus.

The report was adopted at a council meeting on Tuesday, subject to some small amendments.

The full report was available on the council's website.