Firearm collection events will be held in Tauranga this weekend, providing firearm owners an opportunity to hand in their prohibited firearms and parts for buyback.

It's also a chance for anyone to hand in any firearm or part – no questions asked – under amnesty.

If you hand in firearms and parts under amnesty no personal details will be recorded as the amnesty is entirely anonymous.

If you do want to hand in firearms or parts for buyback, please complete the online form at before coming to an event, including listing each firearm and/or each individual part you are bringing along.


Police wanted to thank the firearm community for their positive response to the collection events so far and looked forward to welcoming the Tauranga firearms community to a collection event.

For more information on collection events please visit here or call 0800 311 311.

Event details:

Friday August 30- Sunday September 1: Tauranga – Stadium Lounge, Bay Park, Tauranga, from 9am-1pm.