An armed police search in Ōhauiti has wrapped up after almost four hours.

The pre-planned search warrant started at 9am, with one resident saying it wrapped up about 1pm.

Christelle Bell, who was in the area for work, told the Bay of Plenty Times armed police had been on Honeysuckle Ln and Acornia Close and she had not been allowed to leave the area.

Bell said residents told her police had been there since 9am and she had seen at least five police officers with guns.


"There's three cars at the top of Acornia Close with at least four officers and one car on Honeysuckle Drive with two officers watching Rowesdale Drive," she said.

A resident on Acornia Close said she was unable to leave her house all morning and when she tried, police said "get back in your house".

She said it appeared they were looking for someone and she had even heard what sounded like a smoke bomb going off.

There were loads of armed officers surrounding the street and even in a nearby reserve, she said.

Officers had packed up and left by 1pm, she said.

A resident on Honeysuckle Ln said he also heard what sounded like a gunshot about earlier and his wife and he were being cautious.

He said the street was blocked at the top and any visitors were not able to come down.

A police spokeswoman confirmed police were in the area for a pre-planned search warrant and no shots had been fired during the operation.