Tauranga philanthropist and property investor Sir Paul Adams has made New Zealand's NBR Rich List, again.

Adams increased his net worth by more than 30 per cent, along with financier Murray Bolton and the Goodman and Watson families.

Wellington-based property investor Sir Bob Jones is New Zealand's newest billionaire - one of nine in this country, according to the latest NBR Rich List.

Jones is said to have doubled his fortune during six years.


The 2019 NBR Rich List has estimated Jones' net worth at around $1 billion, up from $860m last year.

But he trailed businessman Graeme Hart, the first Kiwi to hit the $10b mark.

The list says New Zealand now has nine billionaires and five billionaire families.

A collective record of almost $90b in homegrown wealth is chronicled in the new publication, up from $81b last year.

Newcomers are Westgate chairman and founder Mark Gunton, estimated to have $210m, the Murphy family with its retirement village interests, Wellington property investors Ian Cassels and partner Caitlin Taylor, David McAlpine of Kea Property Group and the Paterson family, heirs to the late Howard Paterson, with property interests.

The Mowbray siblings were reported to have expanded their Zuru toy company and are worth around $3b.

The Pye family of a lucrative agribusiness ventures are believed to be worth around $1b.

Only 2 per cent of last year's NBR Rich Listers have seen their fortunes fall over the past year.


Arrow International founders Ron Anderson and Bob Foster saw their building company become a victim of issues in the sector.

Sir Michael Hill's jewellery chain was also affected and his fortune is estimated to have fallen by $50m.

Two people left the list: Eric Watson and Sir Graeme Avery.