NZCT has recently provided a grant of more than $12,000 to Croquet Mount Maunganui in a real boost for the game in Tauranga.

The $12,457.50 grant towards an upgraded irrigation system, coring of lawns, fertiliser and sand will enable the club to host a range of national and international events.

Croquet Mount Maunganui has more than 80 members and its lawns are used almost every day – rain, hail or shine. The club has struggled recently to maintain the high standard of the lawns and reached out to NZCT for help, a media statement said.

"Our lawns are our greatest asset but also require a great amount of effort to maintain. Keeping them at a high standard not only benefits our members, but also enables the club to host national and international events," treasurer of Croquet Mount Maunganui Dallas Cooke said.


"Without funding assistance, we would not be able to complete this project."

The existing irrigation system was first set up in 2010. Watering occurs most of the year on the sand-based lawns and over time some parts had not received adequate water as the irrigation system had deteriorated. The installation of new sprinklers would ensure the entire lawn would receive the water it needed.

"As a club we are elated and extremely grateful for the amount received. We have booked the coring machine for spring and arranged for the irrigation system to be upgraded during the off season. The funding has removed a large amount of financial pressure from club members," Cooke said.

The grant from NZCT was timely as in November the club was hosting the Croquet New Zealand North Island Association Championship.

The club had some ambitious plans over the next few years, including hosting the World Federation Golf Croquet Championship in February 2021.

Croquet was growing in popularity in Tauranga and the grant would help the club meet this increase in demand.