A week before Christmas Hollie Snell's mum and dad got the phone call all parents dread. Their 16-year-old daughter had been in a car crash.

She had been travelling home to Te Puke with her partner Keani Walters and friends when their car collided with another at Okere Falls, just out of Rotorua.

A woman in the passenger seat of an oncoming car had died and Hollie was in a critical condition. Doctors believed she was unlikely to survive and her family prepared to donate her organs.

But on the six-month anniversary of that fateful day, the now 17-year-old is walking, talking and learning to live life again.

In her own words, mother-of-three Dale Snell shares her journey with "the new Hollie" ahead of a long recovery.

My husband David and I had been to a wedding the night before and were in bed when we got the call. We flew out of bed and put our clothes on top of our pyjamas. We left the house with nothing but our phones. We didn't brush our teeth or our hair or anything.

We went to Paeangaroa where they had shut the road off and were waiting to hear who had died, who had shut the road off, where the kids were. Police actually sent us home and said someone would be in touch to tell us where


A note from Hollie