Most females will have a playlist of songs - either literally or figuratively - that makes them shine in their own eyes.

You know, those songs that make your Beyonce bring out her inner Sasha Fierce, your Mariah Carey embrace her Mimi, your Shakira showcase her She-Wolf, or your Miley Cyrus release her, ahh ... 2013 VMAs Miley Cyrus (yes, that Blurred Lines, foam finger, tongue-poking, all up on Robin Thicke performance version of Miley).

They're the songs that you listen to while you're getting ready for a night out, possibly in the mirror and possibly pulling out some creative dance moves. You may play them when you need a boost because you're doing something mundane like cleaning. They may be songs you only ever fully embrace when you have a private space.

The time and place isn't the important part - heck, these records don't even have to be the best out, it's the fact that these songs push your confidence to a high and make you feel like you're "that b****".


In celebration of freeing your alter ego, privately or publicly, I'll share a snippet of what's on my own playlist over the next two weeks. In part one, here's 10 of my faves:

1: Truth Hurts by Lizzo.
When the first few lines of the song feature the words "I just took a DNA test turns out I'm 100 per cent that b****" an explanation is not needed.

2: Motivation by Kelly Rowland.
Kelly is a motivating mood who takes control. I bow down to thee.

3: Partition by Beyonce.
The definition of alter ego should come with a link to this video clip. Everything about this song oozes sexual confidence. The beat, the lyrics (both the ratchet and the aggressive no matter how confusing some of them may be) and of course the video clip, will have you.

4: It's All About Me by Mya, featuring Sisqo.
This is on my list for a few reasons. It will forever be one of my favourite songs and I love me some Mya, even copying these dance moves as a young 'un - so much so that I pull them out when this song plays to this day. The fact that the Amazing Aliya Janell choreographed a dance to this throwback doesn't hurt either.

5: Giving Him Something He Can Feel by En Vogue.
This song is the epitome of an old-school classy confidence and nothing can beat that.

6: Don't Tell Nobody by Tink, featuring Jeremih.
The tempo change in verse two brings out my Marilyn (yip, she has a name) every time.

7: Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan.
Confidence is: Jazmine Sullivan letting everyone know she left her initials with a crowbar on the car that she smashed the windows on ... just casually (I'm both scared and empowered by this song).

8: Bad Remix by Wale featuring Rihanna.
When Rihanna joins a song - especially on a remix - you know she's going to bring her own confidence to it.

9: Sativa by Jhené Aiko, featuring Rae Sremmurd.
Jhené Aiko is one of the coolest singers of our time. She is a vibe and has an original style that is like no one else's. When you create music that is for you, is there anything better? No is the answer.

10: Upgrade You by Beyonce, featuring Jay Z.
When the song title is called what it is and every lyric of the song is purely about how you level up someone's existence you can't help but feel like "that b****".

What songs make you feel confident? Let me know by emailing